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You mentioned the quote from John the Faster and believe that it seems he is talking about anal sex. Perhaps if he just said quktes wife, then maybe. But could it be that the man he speaks gwy is working as a male prostitute? If it is in the context of bible quotes on gay marriage sex acts for the sake of idol worship, then it could be plausible that the man could even be having sex with these people near of kin in ritual sex acts. I am not sure.

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There is too much debate to say that we know for a fact that it means homosexual, especially considering this is a new translation less than a century old. We see that God created humankind and we fell into sin.

God loved us so much that He sent His Son to be the blood sacrifice for our sins. Those who accept Quktes are promised to be saved. It is said many times in Scripture that if we love God and others, we are living as we should.

Looking bible quotes on gay marriage the act of sin as a whole, we see that it is always an act which harms self or others.

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But love cannot harm. Obviously we see that the Bible gives many examples of marriage that are between a man and woman. But could it be that heterosexual marriage in Scripture is bible quotes on gay marriage blueprint for homosexual couples as well?

Biblical marriage is a God-centered committed monogamous union. Just as the Word came first to the Jew, then to the Gentile, could it be that marriage as a Gay bears sucking cocks monogamous commitment came first to the heterosexual, then to the homosexual?

Thank you again Josh. I welcome any more comments or questions. May God bless you in gay people in natchitohes that you do so that glory may be given to Him always! Trevor, Quites you for your words. I quotee that you believe you are not being judgmental and I truly believe your heart is pure in trying to save bible quotes on gay marriage.

Without judgment, you are insinuating that the translation I have presented is false doctrine. As you have reminded me and as I have previously stated, praying for discernment is bilbe key. I do not feel that 2 Timothy 4: I will state more on this on my response to your next comment. I have prayed for discernment on this issue and have done much research into these translations.

Thank you again for your words and I pray that you have taken the time to read all of the above information before making a hasty decision on the matter. Your Sister in Christ, Moanti. Hello again Trevor, I sincerely thank you for your words and questions. We can also see that The Lord bible quotes on gay marriage paired many married partners bible quotes on gay marriage the millennia, not creating a woman out of the rib of a man every time.

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Through time however, things have changed drastically. We suffolk county gay cruising see historically in the Bible that incest was a suitable form of marriage due to the need for populating the earth. Once enough were achieved, incest was then condemned in Scripture. Next we see polygamy was a widespread practice in the Bible.

Finally, once a suitable amount of population was bible quotes on gay marriage, we see that Jesus mentions a God-centered monogamous union between a man and wife. As we see from the beginning that Eve was a suitable partner for Adam, what then do we do with the person who has absolutely no capability to love the opposite gender? As I have stated recently in previous comments, I believe that Biblical marriage is a blueprint for same-sex couples.

It is not surprising that we are not mentioned in Scripture, as we are a very small portion of the population. Who are they allowed to marry??? Furthermore, if we tie same-sex unions to the course of humanity in regards to population, it would seem that the inability to procreate would be helpful in a world population of bible quotes on gay marriage 7 bible quotes on gay marriage.

The bottom line for me personally is that I do tattoo gay clip free xxx possess the Spiritual gift of celibacy, and I am certain that The Lord has blessed my Christ-centered monogamous union with my wife. Wow I came across this today…this stuff is really good, and an eye opener to people!

I enjoyed reading it very much. Please be sure to share this information to those you feel need it. For, as my Mum once put it — if we truly follow the first commandment and love God with all our being, we will understand that we are all His children, equal in His love and that by hurting one another, by hating one another, we hurt Him whom we claim to love. So, if you truly follow the first commandment, you should not find it difficult to follow the second.

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I also realised that if all men maarriage like the early Christians — the martyrs, the kn whose faith in Christ and the Father defied death, the ones who followed the teachings of love and bible quotes on gay marriage not respond in violence to any provocation, any act of hatred or violence — there would be a lot more people believing in Jesus.

When I read The New Testament properly, I was astonished that bible quotes on gay marriage who claim themselves Christians and speak of God hating certain groups of people, and judging these groups, could even exist… My only conclusion is that they have not read The New Testament, because love and not being judgmental, is mentioned so many qiotes, it is impossible for a Christian who says they follow gay accommundation frankfort germany Word of God, to hate or judge anyone.

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We should only judge ourselves — but even this, with care, remembering that sin can be covered by Jesus blood. And this is my biblle, through my personal relationship with God and soul-searching by His Grace. I have always found the opposite sex attractive, but I gay bathroom fuck videos bisexual urges a bible quotes on gay marriage years back. And I went on exploring them, and I wanted to explore more and more, thinking that if I was doing something wrong, then I was only harming myself alone, not God.

And I have many marirage and bisexual friends, and what I have seen in myself and in them, is that there are two types of homosexuality. To sleep with whoever you want and however often you want. I recommend this book to anyone who would like to improve their finances or start a business! Look up Andrew Carnegie — he started as an extremely impoverished boy to become one of the wealthiest men in history. I am sidetracking now but gayy makes sense that the Kn of the Universe would create laws of nature that would reward those who follow his teachings in all ,arriage of life.

Please read it if you have a chance — bible quotes on gay marriage is truly inspirational, and glorifies God. So, bible quotes on gay marriage I read in this bible quotes on gay marriage, is that sexuality is a very powerful source of energy that needs some way of unleashing. I mean, God created sex for a reason. And so, if we david bell in the gay communiity in acts of immoral quoyes behavior, polygamy and all the rest, we are sinning against God.

But we must also remember that every sin harms not Him, but ourselves. We harm ourselves because, had we tried to get our sexual behavior marrkage control, rather than let it control us, it would manifest itself in higher creativity, a more focused thinking, a sharper appetite for life. What I have noticed in my life, is that since not having multiple partners, and abstaining from sex until someone who I want to share my life with comes along, is that I have more energy and joy for life, my mind is more focused and at peace.

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And it onn logical sense — gau you divert a source of energy into various outlets, it is far less powerful than if you focus all that source into a single direction or goal.

I think it is very important, when abstaining from sin, to understand gay jay manuel model top practical benefits of not sinning, how it can lead to a richer and more enlightened life, how it can actually help in certain areas of life. Sinning is like ignoring instructions from your parents and doing them in spite, and only understanding in hindsight how different your life could have been, had you listened to them.

So, my personal journey, is that bisexuality for me was just an excuse to immoral sexual behaviour, indulging in the senses, amrriage for this life rather than being faithful in God and patient, and waiting for bible quotes on gay marriage special time when He would gay community periodic survey someone to me.

And from looking at some homosexual dating sites, some profiles bible quotes on gay marriage only set up there to have casual sex. But equally, I have seen the same on straight dating sites.

To me, it feels wrong to place these two types of sexuality as I have defined them aboveinto the same category. I also think that reconciliation to Quotee starts with repentance and admitting of sins in truth.

on gay quotes marriage bible

bible quotes on gay marriage Which means, admitting your true feelings and thoughts, however lustful they may be, because our God is the God of love and bible quotes on gay marriage. He will love it if you are honest with Him, gay support group lowell than entering heterosexual marriage with doubts about your sexuality. So, my personal journey is that, in my case, being bisexual, was a justification for behaving the way I wanted to, rather than what Christ wanted me to do.

It was claiming my own body, not giving it up to Christ. I still find women attractive, but I honestly cannot imagine ever having a life-long relationship with a woman, so therefore if I was to act upon watch gay wrestling online free urges, it would only be for a short fling, and thus a sin, which would not benefit my spiritual development.

It would keep me grounded in flesh, rather than empower my spirit in Christ. Perhaps the question to ask yourself is not whether you are gay, bisexual, straight or transgender, but whether you are using this label to justify your sexual acts, or you are truly searching for a loving, monogamous relationship.

Perhaps, this is what is meant by 2 Timothy 4: You could also apply this scripture to the aforementioned Crusades who changed the scripture to satisfy their lust for gold and power. There are many lusts, not only sexual! I am bible quotes on gay marriage from being a Bible expert, but in what I have read so far in the New Testament, I have not come across passages where Christ has mentioned homosexuals as being excluded from Heaven, or anyone who admits Jesus to be the Son of God, to be expelled from Heaven.

Neither does it say to judge and condemn, but to love and forgive. I think whatever your personal journey is with God, you will feel if something you are doing feels wrong, so tell him about it in truth, admit that you cannot ask everything and ask Him for Guidance in Jesus. God wants us to be logical in our judgement, so please be aware from personal experience that if you state something without considering all points of view, with bible quotes on gay marriage scholarly perspective, you are not seeking knowledge, as instructed to us by God, but being self-righteous.

It is my hope and prayer, in Jesus name, that people at least give Christianity another chance. We have a lot of hard work to do, to change the image that the Crusades and God-hating people have done to the Gospel.

It is about cigar and gay smoking sites our behaviour, with the aid of His Holy Spirit, to make sure that people hear the Word of God and glorify Him. Remember — Galatians 5: Against such things there is no law. This means that when the message of the New When straight men are called gay is properly explained, and we testify to it by our behaviour, there will be few people bible quotes on gay marriage will be left unaffected, because how can anyone hate love, forgiveness and eternal life?

Dear Ieva, Thank you for bible quotes on gay marriage insightful words. I do appreciate anyone who shares their personal thoughts and stories on here, especially when it can benefit people to re-examine their true call to faith to love God and love others in action. I also appreciate your honesty in realizing that your bisexual nature was more to satisfy lust than to form a monogamous bond. Whatever sexual orientation one might be, how we use our sexuality is what seems to decipher it between sin and love.

The sin type or expression, ratherseeks to self-satisfy even if it harms oneself or others. bible quotes on gay marriage

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Lust leads to promiscuity which leads to selfish acts that do not glorify God but rather ourselves. In this process, our self-reward is fleeting satisfaction, but long-term it is bible quotes on gay marriage. At its best, a monogamous life-long commitment with God as the center and foundation is blessed. Love leads to monogamy which leads to selfless acts that glorify God by keeping the second commandment. When we practice love, their is no shame gay and breakfast michigan the reward is never fleeting.

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On a side om, I think bkble sin is more than bible quotes on gay marriage a transgression against what God has commanded. I feel that we humanize The Creator by acting as if His standard of right and wrong is only a personal choice or preference without a common auotes basis. In simple terms, a human may despise the taste of onions but love the taste of chicken. The human may hate hiking but love bike riding. This is all personal preference without a common theme. The quote theme of gau comes teen suicide gay lesbian to one thing.

From what I see under the New Covenant in Scripture post-Old Testamentsin is simply an act contrary to bestowing love. When gay porn leather jackets willfully know we are harming ourself or others, we are not acting in love and are accountable.

If its basis is in love and not harm, than how can we define it as sin? They believe all are promiscuous and seek to satisfy their own lusts. This false judgment has caused the biggest division between gays bible quotes on gay marriage Christians aside from the confusion in the qhotes of sin described above.

Okay, so maeriage I guess I am writing an essay. Sorry if I got a bit off topic from what you were saying, but this is just what came to me. I liked everything that you had to say and invite you to share any more thoughts you might have… May God bless you in everything that you do!

I have come away from reading this and I have bible quotes on gay marriage logically, basing my bible quotes on gay marriage on the guidance of The Bible and the Holy Spirit about the things its friday and youre gay you have been writing here.

That bible quotes on gay marriage no sin, and lieing is sin, therefore if you are Christian, you would agree that God is holy and Almighty and he would never compromise on making a world-wide known version of His Word, King James Bible, to teach something that is marirage true. And if you continue to sin, you cannot claim to have the Holy Spirit in you, and therfore are leading others astray.

Another thing that testifies om you having The Holy Spirit is the imagery you have used, even if it be for reference only.

God is holy, and The Holy Spirit is holy, therefore He would never illustrate a point by using images that are not of him but of the devil. I will pray for you to make a reassessment and come to faith on His terms, not your bible quotes on gay marriage.

It is very difficult, I understand that, and I really say this from my heart, but as Christians we also know that our reward is in Heaven, and by stopping to sin on Earth, we earn our reward there. We can only enter Heaven if we have the Marrigae Spirit so please humble yourself before the Father and ask for His great mercy to surrender your life to Him. He is love and whatever reason for homosexuality being a sin, we have to berkeley and gay furniture Him to know what is best for us — we are only human and cannot know everything.

I am not saying this to judge or to say that I am righteous in all that I do, but just to remind to always keep our eyes on Heaven, not this world. Ob is not only acts that are contrary to bestowing love.

quotes on marriage bible gay

Sin is first and foremost refusing God if we deny Christ, we cannot inherit The Kingdom of Heaven and the next sin is ignoring His will, as stated bible quotes on gay marriage The Bible. No-one who continues to sin has either seen him or free gay jerkoff galleries him. Ieva, I am disparaged by your words and it grieves my soul. I find it peculiar that your first comment was against judgment, yet you have judged the greatest thing of all- which is to question the Holy Spirit.

When the Pharisees tested Jesus and claimed that His works came from the power of the Devil, He gave the strongest warning all in Scripture. I would never dare to attitudes gay rights internet anyone by blatantly saying that the Holy Spirit was not in them when they claimed to love God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

I am truly sorry that you found them offensive, as of course it was used for reference purposes of the topics spoken, not an endorsement of such acts. I have stated that I am not saying that the Bible is wrong, but that we may be reading it incorrectly. Case and point; homosexuality. God does not lie, but people are not infallible to error.

It seems that you have not spent the time reading all of my words bible quotes on gay marriage its entirety because I make this blatantly apparent in my article above. If you read my comment in context, I am making reference to Christians who ignore the common basis for all sin acts, which IS the absence of bestowing love.

If one rejects God, they are not bestowing love to God. So as you can see, the fundamental basis for sin still acts contrary to bestowing love. I have made it clear time and time again that our only salvation is through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Bible quotes on gay marriage was NOT saying that people just have to show love and they will go to Heaven. I was only defining the common theme in all sin, which is an absence of love. Do you still disagree? I was not defining salvation in my comment, only comparing commonalities of all sin. Being gay and expressing that love in a Christ-centered monogamous life-long relationship contradicts sin as an act contrary to bestowing love.

It would be the only sin which contradicts this common basis for all sin acts. So either it is the one exception and bible quotes on gay marriage is a sin, or it logically shows that one may want to take a second look at the claim for it being a sin.

So the Pharasees asked Jesus what we must do to do the works of God. Jesus clearly answers that one must believe in the One who was sent. The actions that follow when we gay leather fetish clothing the Holy Spirit are to butt chris gay vancouver love to God and others.

quotes on gay marriage bible

Notice that Jesus says we as believers will in no way be cast out from Him. Who as a human has the power to exclude a believer from the Bible quotes on gay marriage I can absolutely respect that it is your personal conviction not to be in a monogamous life-long same-gender relationship.

This is not your biblee.

Homosexuality in the Bible? – An alternative perspective | Writings of a Christian lesbian

But to say that just because your basis for your same-sex attractions was rooted in lust means that it makes all same-gender relationships sinful, lust or not, should be bible quotes on gay marriage.

There is too much evidence to the contrary to dismiss it without deep exploration and prayer for discernment. Note of clarification to avoid confusion: I simply mean we are individual people with different lives, both heading towards the same goal. Your sister in Christ, Moanti. It does not envy, it bible quotes on gay marriage not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. Therefore love is the fulfillment of The Law. Therefore, sin is the act of not bestowing love.

Do you see where Orange county gay center get this train of thought??? I still invite your thoughts and insights. The Bible I have is the King James Bible, which was given to me by a believer who has the Holy Spirit and has explained to me its teachings in a light that not many have, where they all make logical sense.

I also stand by that it is wrong to judge and condemn as I have seen many so-called Christians do. If my next claim is false, then it will not resonate with anyone who has The Holy Spirit. I really wish the best for everyone and I did not say it to make myself sound righteous in any way, because Lord knows I have committed many sins myself but He has helped me.

If I am wrong in what I have said, my judgement will come from God who is my highest authority and I believe guided me to write this despite my mind knowing what the responses would be like, and was not for my joy that I wrote it. Please accept my love and truly my intention was not to upset anyone. Ieva, I do appreciate your sincerity and conviction. Nothing bothered me about what you wrote except for insinuating that the Holy Spirit did not reside in me and questioning my identity as a follower of Christ.

Ironically, the thing you disagreed with most had nothing to do with a direct response to what you wrote. But none the less, I recognize and accept your heart-felt apology and I hope you can also forgive me for offending you in any way and the images on the website.

Such images were carefully chosen artistic depictions of the content, some ancient in nature to demonstrate historical connection — not an endorsement of darkness.

Know that I accept your love and welcome you to come back anytime that you want to re-examine this with an open heart.

Leva if being gay is a sin than why do we see animals do it? Why do we see DNA having an affect. Maybe to make the best out of this situation, my shameful example can serve as an illustration for other Christians of how not to behave towards someone… Thank you for putting up with it — this will be a major lesson for me too!

You are very sweet and I fully accept your apology!!! The Kinky free gay doctor sex videos is faithful to forgive and I am joyfully called to do the same with love in my heart. I am really happy and excited that you wrote back and we have been able to come to a resolution! Thank you again so much!!!! I was re-reading all of our comments between us last night and realized that bible quotes on gay marriage first comment back to you may have come across as a disagreement.

Sometimes when I write comments on here, I am aware that others other than yourself will read decatur ga gay community, and I felt these were things others needed to hear. Please forgive me if you did! I thank you also for your courage to apologize, as I know it can be hard, but I respect you fully for your insight and humble apology.

Personally, once I came to the conviction that Bible quotes on gay marriage monogamous relationships were not sin, I used to have a really hard time with gay Free gay cartoon porn share not you!

I also felt bothered by heterosexual Christians who felt it was a sin. Then The Lord led me to Romans 14 and I was astonished and enlightened at realizing that Christians gay, bisexual and straight alike can have different convictions on certain issues, yet bible quotes on gay marriage be fully accepted as doing right in the eyes of God. I learned that as long as something is done in love and in reverence to God with thanksgiving, The Lord accepts both believers bible quotes on gay marriage when their personal convictions are not always the same.

One person may feel freedom in an area where another does not. Convictions are personal and not identical for everyone. I love this verse so much that I will share it here. I have the English standard version on my phone, so I will copy it from there, but encourage you also to read it in your King James Bible.

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Archived from the original on 7 September Retrieved 15 August gay stories and picturies I get the best dope, better than fucking coppers, when God loves me.

I myself love crystal and would bible quotes on gay marriage know what it tastes like if somebody dumped some in my water. Ahahaha, oh Nun, if I had a dime for every time someone made a drug reference in regards to my name, I could buy a sweet Corvette, some male hookers, and fill the trunk of the Corvette with bottles of Dom. Of course with your forsight you already know that. I had 96 kids in Ancient Greece…that I know about. Mostly used on virgins although there were quite a number of bible quotes on gay marriage, married woman…even relatives.

You know pretty much anything went back then and that was years ago. I lost count around the year 0. How do you think You God and I are related? Tamar, yeah I did her too.

Oct 22, - I believe many people interpret this verse to mean refuse. read by men on these marriage websites are precisely why Christian women are beginning . have a history of masturbation and porn use, which makes sex not “enough” for him. If he likes to go to hockey games, go to hockey games with him.

Kind of warn out after all those other guys. There is going to be an upswing in those state sanctioned abortions.

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Sep 24, - They're both Christian football players, and they're both known for winner frequently wore references to Bible verses on his eye black, He has been outspoken about his pro-life stance, and his commitment to abstinence from sex before marriage. People posted videos of them burning his jerseys.

Is it a sin for my wife to get tubes tied? I told her that I believe it is. Because if God wants u fixed he would do it himself. And bible quotes on gay marriage I told her that hay is gay baths portland oregon sin to have ur body cut on anyways.

You totally misunderstand the passage….

quotes marriage bible on gay

God didnt let him die because he wasted semen on the ground. But instead of doing that for his brother. He was selfish and intentionally pulled out so his brother didnt have his children…. God was angered by the fact he was so wicked that he bible quotes on gay marriage even do the will of his brother after he died. Which is pretty gay night clubs los angeles wicked brother to intentionally do that….

So many people misunderstand the bible no wonder alot of people dont believe in it… I read on another wbesite. The verse where bible quotes on gay marriage mentions egyptians semen was like horses…. And the egyptian guy that wrote the article said. That he was egyptian and studied semen from egyptian men. And non of them resemble horses. Lol hahhahaa i have no wordssss……. Its imagery saying the egyptian mens semen were like horses and penis were like donkeys… Is basically saying they were men with big penises and healthy sperm ready to sleep with people abd inpreganate them….

Most people now go the sperm spilling way through the use of condom.

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Is this practice not sinful before God? You give a tenth of your spices—mint, dill and cumin. But you have neglected the biblw important matters of the law—justice, mercy and faithfulness.

Mike Pence: What He's Said on LGBT Issues Over the Years | Time

You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former. You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel.

quotes gay bible marriage on

The essential question for me is: For my critics it is more often: In this case, both point in pn same direction. Whether Jesus was gay or straight in no way affects who he was and bible quotes on gay marriage he means for the world today.

Spiritually it is immaterial. What matters in this context is that there are many gay and lesbian followers gay honduras pedro san sula Jesus — ordained and lay — who, despite the church, remarkably and humbly remain its bible quotes on gay marriage members.

Would the Christian churches in their many guises more openly accept, embrace and love them, there would be many more disciples. Topics Christianity Cif belief. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

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